The EPL 21/22 FanTeam Focus Leaderboard

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All the details on how to win the £1k first prize on our EPL Leaderboard.

What can you win?

Prize Table

How do I play?

We’ll be running 35+ special tournaments starting GW1. Where possible these will mirror the monster weekend long tournaments. We’ll give you plenty of notice in our Discord and on Twitter when exactly each tournament is. Each tournament will be a lower buy in event between £2-£5. You don’t have to take part in each tournament, but obviously you’ll stand a better chance of a high finish by playing more.

One major difference from the Euro’s leaderboard we ran is the fact that only your top 8 scores will count. This will give people on lower budgets and late comers a chance to not only cash, but also win the whole thing! So, in theory it’s possible to join next March and still be in with a chance of winning the £1k 1st prize.

In each tournament you’ll earn the following points for finishing towards the top of the leaderboard.

Points Table

We’ll also have special double points weekends on special occasions. Those will be announced during the season.

Can I earn points in other ways?

Of course you can! The main two ways will be through referrals and competitions we’ll be running all season on our Podcasts, Twitter, Discord and YouTube channels.

For each person you refer you’ll get an extra 3 pts. These will count on top of your top 8 scores.


25+10+15+5+2+5+2+4 = 68 (Top 8 scores)

Then if you’ve referred two friends (6pts) AND won a small competition win (1pt) you’d have a total of 75 points at the end of the season.

The day or so after each tournament we’ll post an updated leaderboard on our website, Discord and on Twitter.

How do I take part?

Step 1 - Refer a friend on FanTeam using the link - (They have to click this link and sign up there and then).

Step 2 - The friend deposits at least £20 and enters the FanTeam EPL Million competition.

Step 3 - Tell us your username and your friends’ username. Providing they’ve done steps 1 & 2 correctly you’ll both be included, and in with a chance of winning the £1000 first prize.

On top of top of the leaderboard your friend will also receive ANOTHER ticket to the FanTeam Euro Million competition.

Following these steps is the ONLY way to get involved. We will not be handing out free invites.

If you have any questions, please feel free to either contact us on our Discord, DM us on Twitter or email -

Good luck!!

Terms and conditions

1) Should there be a multiple way tie for 1st place we will run a separate competition to decide the order.

2) All prizes will be paid out by June 8th, 2022. Providing the EPL season finishes at it scheduled date.

3) Should the EPL season be suspended for any reason, the tournament will be suspended. It will be concluded after game week 38's matches have been played.

4) Should anyone be found to be cheating or in violation of the FanTeam terms of service we reserve the right to exclude them from the leaderboard promotion.

5) Should the number of entries exceed 100 we will run 2 or more tournaments each game week. The points will then be on a pro rata depending on the number of entries in the additional tournaments.

To play on FanTeam, sign up using our link

or to play the brand new free version of the game called Dreamsport, sign up using -

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