Preview CS:GO BLAST Premier Spring Groups 2022 (28th January to 6th February)

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Dan previews the Spring Groups kicking off today


The event starts off with a Group stage Bo1then Single Elimination Bracket Bo3 with 12 teams. Considered as a Premier event in the CS:GO eSports scene. This article will cover each team and their top players for the past 3 months. The fantasies allow up to 5 x players and with the regular Pursuit, Captain, Vice-Captain and Straight maps bonus (0.5 times per map if Bo3) rules too. If it’s the grand final or single matches, the fantasies allow up to 3 x players and with the regular Pursuit and Captain rules. This is an online event.


The terms and acronyms used in CS:GO (Source: are the most used throughout the article:-

●    Rating 2.0 - The rating tells us if the player put up above or below average numbers, with 1.00 being the average

●    DPR - Deaths Per Round

●    KAST - Percentage of rounds in which the player either had a kill, assist, survived or was traded

●    Impact - Measures the impact made from multikills, opening kills, and clutches

●    ADR - Average damage per round

●    KPR - Kills per round

●    T side - Terrorist side

●    CT side - Counter-Terrorist side

●    IGL - In Game Leader

●    Lurker - The player who focus on stealth and outmaneuvering the enemy team (T side oriented)

●    Rifler - The player who just attacks and aims for high kill count

●    AWPer - The player with the silent scope (CT side oriented)

●    Support - The player is a utility specialist(flash, nades) to help aid his other teammates

●    Entry - The player who attempts to attack and score the 1st kill


Who is playing?

Natus Vincere (world #1)

●    2022 prospects: Last season they have become a scary team to play against. Not just s1mpleworking magic but the rest of the team have raised their level. So much talk about the addition of b1t being the main catalyst to their dominance. There is no question that they are the team to beat. Can they repeat their success in 2022? Capable but usually repeating the previous season’s dominance will be a challenge as other teams have also strive to improve for 2022 too.

●    Best 2.0 rated player: s1mple (AWPer) is the MVP with no introduction. He seems to be getting better with age and is so talented. Expect him to be highly owned, expensive but you could miss out if you don’t have him too. Big headache!

●    Worthy player(s) to pick: Perfecto (Support) usually the cheapest from the NaVi lineup if you want to go low budget. With an excellent KAST and DPR, there’s a strong case to pick him. b1t (Rifler) could be borderline in terms of price with electroNic (Rifler),what sets him apart is his headshot % and that alone could help you some free points!

●    Tip: They have MIBR in their opening round who have also changed their roster like changing their underwear! Due to NaVi being a more experienced team in terms of synergy, they should go through. Tactically, it depends on the matchups and don’t be afraid to swap around the players.

Vitality (world #3)

●    2022 prospects: Last season they have had their troubles but they still manage to do very well. Of course having ZywOo helps a lot and apEX has also been excellent too. They have also recruited some heavy weights in Magiskand dupreeh. Looking strong on paper but let’s see how everyone gels together.

●    Best 2.0 rated player: ZywOo (AWPer) is the #2 player and still extremely young. Very calm and refined style. Make a small mistake and he’ll capitalise on it. Expect him to be highly owned as well!

●    Worthy player(s) to pick: apEX (IGL) is a good pick due to his ADR and also how aggressive he can be despite being the IGL. misutaaa(Rifler) has quietly progressed into a very good player. A solid player and also we don’t know how Magisk and dupreeh would fit in. So he could be a key component.

●    Tip: They have EG in their opening round who have also changed their roster a lot!Vitality are clearly the stronger team and with their 2 x new players in the roster, expect some fireworks!

G2 (world #4)

●    2022 prospects: They have been a bridesmaid ona lot of occasions last season. It’s sad to see a team with a top player NiKo still haven’t won a major. They have recruited well and in Aleksib, you have a top class IGL!

●    Best 2.0 rated player: NiKo (Rifler) is the #3 player and probably the most unlucky player. He does a lot of leg work for the team. If anything, his other teammates need to step it up!

●    Worthy player(s) to pick: huNter- (Lurker), also the cousin of NiKo, is a very consistent performer with solid stats. m0NESY (AWPer) is a very young player coming from NaVi Junior. He could be a star so watch out.

●    Tip: They have freshened up their team andhired a highly rated IGL and an orthodox AWPer. Could it be that they've finally solved their puzzle? We will find out when they play Complexity.

NIP (world #7)

●    2022 prospects: At one point last season, they looked like a strong team with the recruitment of dev1ce. However, that has kind of fizzled out and NIP have a habit of never beating teams in straight maps. Not necessarily a bad thing but also indicates they can be reckless too. For this event, young blood phzy will be playing instead of dev1ce,the latter is taking a break due to mental health issues. Nevertheless, they are always a dangerous and courageous team.

●    Best 2.0 rated player: phzy (AWPer) being their best rated player kind of indicates that they don’t have a standout player. Saying that, he does have a good DPR.

●    Worthy player(s) to pick: hampus (IGL) is a very attacking leader with a high impact rating.Generally speaking, NIP are a good team but picking a standout player from them is quite tough.

●    Tip: They are up against BIG who I would also say are a bit like NIP with good team synergy as well. It’s a tough opening round and it’s a bit of a toss of a coin.

Astralis (world #8)

●     2022 prospects: Towards the latter part of last season, they packed themselves with blameF and k0nfig. Both have done relatively well, especially blameF not having to take on the IGLrole. Again, it is still a transition time for Astralis and I believe only time will tell. With pedigree and strong players, I expect them to have a strong season.

●     Best 2.0 rated player: blameF (Lurker) is such a strong player but again a bit like NiKo,bit of a bridesmaid. Excellent baiter and dangerous fragger.

●     Worthy player(s) to pick: k0nfig (Entry) aka the juggernaut, is an extremely strong fragger with high ADR and KPR. Lucky (Rifler) debuted as an AWPer in the middle of last season but is now used as a Rifler. However, he seems to have relished the role with a good DPR and a sharper head shooter.

●     Tip:They have OG in the opening round and it could go either way. The brave DFS person might be brave and pick someone from this team.

FaZe (world #10)

●    2022 prospects: Expectation vs reality kind of sums up FaZe. They definitely are a team that has underachieved. An excellent signing of ropz might be a good trigger to their playstyle too. I always felt they were missing a lurker in their roster. This season could get interesting.

●    Best 2.0 rated player: Twistzz (Entry) a stylish headshot magnet coupled with a high DPR and KAST.

●    Worthy player(s) to pick: ropz (Lurker) is the new boy and a strong player with a strong DPR and KPR. broky (AWPer) has been a great clutch player of late 10 x clutches with 1-on-1. Also with a strong DPR and KPR.

●    Tip: Liquid will be their opening round opponent. FaZetends to do well in the opening rounds. Very tempting to pick a player from this team.

BIG (world #13)

●    2022 prospects: 2020 was a great year for the German team but 2021 was a bit of a setback. I guess you could call it a 2nd season syndrome for them. The latter of last season, they’ve added faveN to their ranks and it might help their fragging a bit more. Giving IGL tabseNa bit less burden.

●    Best 2.0 rated player: faveN (Rifler) has a strong impact, DPR and KPR. Watch out his price though.

●    Worthy player(s) to pick: tiziaN (Support) is usually a good budget pick and very handy headshooter.

●    Tip: They are up against NIP and I did mention it’s a bit of a toss of a coin. Be brave or be safe, your choice.

OG (world #16)

●    2022 prospects: A very solid but nothing too spectacular last season. This season, Aleksibleft the team to G2 and in comes nexa from G2. I’m unsure where this leads OGtowards…

●    Best 2.0 rated player: valde (Lurker) is a solid player and I do wonder how he would fare in a stronger team like G2? At times he looks like a classy player.

●    Worthy player(s) to pick: flameZ (Entry) at times looked pretty lethal but he could also be cold too. A young player in the making and expect him to improve this season.

●    Tip: Something tells me they may falter against Astralis and that already has me dismissing them.

Complexity (world #25)

●    2022 prospects: The team was into a lot of chopping and changing last season. They are in a transition period. With Grim and junior joining them. It’s hard to tell how they will fare this season as they have lost the star quality players blameF and k0nfig to Astralis.

●    Best 2.0 rated player: junior (AWPer) is a very competent AWPer but if Complexity can’t hack on their CT side,he might be an expensive mistake.

●    Worthy player(s) to pick: Grim (Entry) has been harshly labeled by streamers as the weak-link during his time at Liquid last season. Being in a team with less star players might lower his pressure and play better? Still relatively young and hope he does well.

●    Tip: It’s a tall order being in the opening round versus G2. However, we have seen upsets before. Your choice and risk for rewards.

MIBR (world #56)

●    2022 prospects: Gone were the days when they had strong players. Now, they have a relatively unknown and untested roster. A team in major transition.

●    Best 2.0 rated player: exit (Rifler) is their most solid player and looks like a good pick. However, is he really worth it?

●    Worthy player(s) to pick: They are becoming unrecognisable and there’s very little data to suggest another worthy player to pick.

●    Tip: Opening round versus NaVi. If you wish to throw your money, go ahead. However, upsets doooo happen.

Liquid (world #223)

●    2022 prospects: I have no idea why their ranking has dropped so low. However, they haven’t been the force they once were. They have started 2022 rebuilding their team. In comes shox, oSee and nitr0 as the latter makes a return.

●    Best 2.0 rated player: oSee (AWPer) is a sound optic shooter and he might take some burden off the team mates with his handling of the AWP.

●    Worthy player(s) to pick: NAF (Lurker) is a very likable player. Looks like a friendly sloth but with named Nutty-as-F**k. His baiting skills are scary with excellent DPRand APR.

●    Tip: It’s an exciting opening match with FaZe. Could go either way.

EG (no ranking)

●    2022 prospects: The team with no ranking does put us DFS players off. However, another team rebuilding, they have recruited solidly with Stewie2K, RUSH and autimatic.

●    Best 2.0 rated player: Brehze (Lurker) is solid player and at times you feel he does a lot of the team’s work. Now, with a few more recognisable names, it might aid his game.

●    Worthy player(s) to pick: Stewie2K (IGL) is one of the most decorated players in North America. Let’s see if he could inspire the rest of the team.

●    Tip: Vitalityis nasty opponent and stopping ZywOois a tall order. Be brave or don’t bother. Upsets do happen though.

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