FanTeam 2nd Chance Tournament Player Q&A - Josh Wooldridge

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Current FanTeam Season Long Champion Josh talks us through his early thoughts for the 2nd chance tournament

Welcome to our first in a series of brief Q&As, delving into the minds of some of the most prominent Fantasy Football minds both on FanTeam and further afield to get their thoughts on the upcoming 2nd chance tournament kicking off on the 14th January.

Before we get into it with the current FanTeam season long champion just a brief overview of the rules, scoring and payout for the contest.

The rules are extremely similar to the current season long contest as you can see above there are 3 main differences

1) You only have a budget of £80m to select a squad of 11 players compared to £105m for a squad of 15 in the season long.

2) You can continually roll free transfers unlike the season long where the most you can hold is 2.

3) The safety net function is active, so unlike the season long where if someone doesn't play you get a player from your bunch 'sub in', in this format if one of your 11 players doesn't start the game you get the next highest value player from the same club and same position 'sub in'. It is important to remember that even if your player than comes off the bench you will not score points for him it is only who starts.

Scoring remains exactly the same as existing FanTeam games

The prize structure is very top heavy (understandably given the number of free tickets FanTeam have given out) so depending on your philosophy cashing should be achievable or do you risk it all for the big money.

Q&A with Josh @CheckjoshFF

Best Fantasy Finish?

Won the 2020/21 FanTeam Season Long Contest (£200k) and also won the FanTeam £1.68 weekly monster twice.

How many teams do you intend to enter in the 2nd chance tournament?

Will probably look to add another 1-3 teams on top of the free one given by FanTeam

How do you think your strategy will adjust with the shorter format over the season long contest?

Given the shorter nature of the contest I will definitely look to have more stacking defences (double or even triple) with the hope of getting lucky to give me a real chance of the top prize.

Will the safety net function and the ability to continually roll transfers come into your thinking in picking your initial line up?

Most definitely, having played the Champions League group stage tournament it makes you think differently and I think it should allow me to pick a line up for kick off which I would be happy with for 4-5 gameweeks enabling me to then build up a stack of transfers to transform my line up later on.

Best Differential Punt?

Nick Pope - given the amount of catch up games Burnley have, and how there is never a huge amount between keepers on average, just go for the most games.

Likely popular pick to avoid?

Any popular player who doesn't double in the first gameweek given the extra fixtures we currently expect.

Best advice for a 1st time player?

Make sure all of your teams has a safety net. So players such as Gabriel Jesus and Michail Antonio could score highly but your risk playing with 10 some weeks.

The above team shows my early thoughts - but a lot depends on early double gameweeks being announced.

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